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Energy efficient windows from Spartan

One of the main reasons that our customers choose to upgrade or update their windows is to improve the energy efficiency of their home.

Installing the latest double or triple glazed windows can help to reduce draughts and lower your heating bills. Get cosy with Spartan and discover some of the most energy efficient windows available.

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Energy Efficient Windows by Spartan
Engery Efficient Doors - BFRC Approved

What do energy efficiency ratings mean?

Windows are rated for energy efficiency in much the same way as household appliances and have a ‘rainbow’ label showing the efficiency of the window and all of its parts.

The scale ranges from the least efficient – E rating – to the most efficient – A++ rating, Spartan offer a wide range of windows with energy ratings from B to A++.

The better the energy efficiency rating the less heat you’ll lose through your windows and the lower your heating bills will be.

What makes a Spartan window so energy efficient?

The energy ratings of windows depend on lots of different factors from the design of the window frame to the type of glass and types of coatings used. Our Modern and Heritage range use some of the very latest in energy efficiency technology to bring you A++ rated windows.



Spartan window frames are constructed from uPVC and have a unique multichambered design that traps air and provides an insulating barrier.

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Energy Efficient Windows by Spartan


You don’t have to compromise on the view to keep warm, even large windows are energy efficient thanks to the latest developments in glazing technology. We offer many glazing options to deliver the precise energy savings that you require:

  • Double or Triple glazing options: The gap of air between the panes provides insulation and stops heat from escaping through the glass. Choose from a range of pane widths to optimise the insulation barrier whilst maintaining the attractive slim style. Triple glazing options are also available to add an additional layer of insulation and are particularly good for reducing outside noise. Great news if your home is near a busy road.
  • Internal air options: typically, dehydrated air is used as an effective insulation barrier in energy efficient windows. For even better results we offer inert gas options such as Argon, Krypton or Xenon.
  • Reflective coatings: applying a coating, such as Metallic Oxides, can improve energy efficiency further by reflecting the heat hitting the window pane. Great news for keeping your home cosy in winter, but it also helps to keep your home cool in the summer months too.

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It might seem strange to think about letting air in through your windows but a good level of ventilation in your home is vital for high air quality and for reducing condensation build up.

Our windows all come with trickle vents as standard to allow a controlled and healthy level of ventilation throughout your home, even in winter.