Classic Windows

Designed to protect

Spartan Classic Windows

Timeless elegance. The Spartan Classic range of uPVC double glazing is a great design choice for nearly every style of home.

With sleek angled window frames and a clean-cut profile, this style maximises the visible glass, flooding your home with light.

Slender yet strong frames create an understated and sophisticated look.

With energy ratings of up to A++ and multiple security features all at an affordable price, the Classic style is hard to beat.

Spartan Classic Window Range

Spartan Classic features

  • Straight edge modern window frame
  • Multipoint key operated window locks
  • 9 different frame colour options
  • 5 different window handle colour options
  • Energy rating = A – A+
  • 70 mm frame (front to back)
  • Double glazed pane thickness – 28mm
  • Triple glazed – 28mm, 32mm, 36mm & 44mm
  • Fire escape and childproof hinge options

Simple and elegant double glazing – styled your way

The Spartan Classic range comes in a variety of colours and finishes to suit your individual style. From realistic wood effect to grey paint effects we have 9 different finishes including double colour options:

Window Colour Options
White Spartan Window and Doors


Rosewood Spartan Window and Doors


Rosewood with White interior

Rosewood with White Interior

Golden Oak Spartan Window and Doors

Golden Oak

Golden Oak exterior with White interior

Golden Oak with White Interior

Cream Spartan Window and Doors

Through Cream

Anthracite Grey - Spartan Windows and Doors

Anthracite Grey with White Interior

Slate Grey - Spartan Windows and Doors

Slate Grey with White Interior

Slate Grey Colour

Slate Grey

Moondust Grey

Moondust Grey

Choose the window style to suit you

We offer three types of window style as part of the Classic range:

Casement windows

Casement windows

The most popular window choice, one pane is fixed whilst the other opens either from the top of the frame or from the side.

French Casement windows

French Casement windows

Both panes are hinged to enable full opening. This is an especially popular choice for rooms with a view, or if a fire escape is required.

Tilt & Turn

Tilt & Turn

Versatile and increasingly popular, the Tilt & Turn window offers a tilted mechanism for safe ventilation along with an alternative fully side opening function. Great for cleaning exterior windows in hard to reach locations.

Safe, Secure and long-lasting

Spartan Classic Window Range

We know that feeling safe and secure in your home is important. You want to protect the people and things that you love and window security is important to prevent break-ins. Our windows have security built in as standard. Internal fitting prevents panes being removed from the outside and robust locks prevent forced entry.

Multipoint locks

Available in 5 versatile colours (white, chrome, gold, satin silver and black) our key operated window handles are fixed to the internal locking mechanisms for extra strength.

Classic window frames feature a multipoint shoot bolt lock made from high-grade steel, meeting insurance requirements to give access to preferential rates.

Safety built in

We offer a range of hinge styles to suit your home and your family:

  • Standard: with smooth easy open function, our standard hinges are tested to 30,000 cycles and are built to last.
  • Fire Egress: with full opening to 90 degrees to allow escape in the event of a fire.
  • Childproof: 10mm stop with a discreet, two-handed safety button for full opening.

Reducing your energy bills

Fitting double glazing is an excellent way to reduce your energy bills. In fact, houses with single glazing lose around 20% of their heat through their windows*.

Energy ratings of up to A+ are achievable on our Classic range. Our panes are filled with dehydrated air or inert gases which prevent heat loss in the winter and helps to keep your home cool in the summer. Trickle vents are fitted as standard to ensure healthy levels of ventilation, especially in the winter months.

Built to last

Our entire range is built to last. Each window and all of its parts comply with British Standards BS7412 and are Secured by Design accredited.

*USwitch 2017
Energy Saving Windows by Spartan Windows