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Spartan Doors – energy efficiency guaranteed

We’ve put 28-years of door manufacturing expertise into the Spartan Door range. With more homeowners looking to save money on their heating bills and do their bit to help the environment, we’ve ensured that every door in the Spartan range has been created with energy efficiency in mind.

With Spartan energy efficient doors, you’ll benefit from:

  • Weathertight seals
  • Double and triple glazing options with high insulation ratings
  • Patented chambered uPVC frames to provide an insulation layer
  • Flush fitting to keep out draughts
  • Door accessories designed to minimise heat loss

Door energy ratings

Whilst windows are rated for energy efficiency in much the same way as household appliances and carry a ‘rainbow’ level with a staged rating, doors don’t yet have the same system.

The energy efficiency of a door is measured by U-values, which are used by builders to measure how effective a material is at insulating against heat loss. The lower the U-value the more energy efficient the material is.

The U-value of your Spartan door will depend on several factors, including:

  • The amount of glass present in the door. For front doors, a solid finish will offer the lower U-value although our glazing is very energy efficient and offers a good level of insulation.
  • Whether you opt for double or triple glazing. The extra layer of glass and air acts as an additional barrier to prevent heat loss.
  • The uPVC frame that you choose. Our Modern and Heritage range offer the very latest in frame technology to deliver a chamber system that works at Passivhaus standards.

With Spartan Doors, you can look to achieve U-values of up to 0.7 – which exceeds the very highest standards of energy efficiency ratings.

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