Heritage Windows

Designed to protect

Spartan Heritage Windows

If you’re looking for a modern alternative to traditional timber frames, then the Spartan Heritage range is for you.

Create a traditional and realistic timber finish without the hassle of costly repainting and maintenance.

Our woodgrain styles are so realistic that you’ll forget that they’re highly efficient, strong and long-lasting uPVC.

Our Spartan Heritage and Spartan Modern ranges are the most energy efficient on the market, exceeding even the highest Passivhaus efficiency ratings.

Heritage Windows, Spartan Range, Flush Sash Windows
Heritage Windows, Spartan Range, Flush Sash Windows
Heritage Windows, Spartan Range, Flush Sash Windows
Heritage Windows, Spartan Range, Flush Sash Windows
Heritage Windows, Spartan Range, Flush Sash Windows

Spartan Heritage features

  • Ideal replacement for wooden window frames
  • Fully flush frame – inside and out
  • Great option for traditional, historic buildings
  • Extra secure Multipoint key operated locks
  • 11 different frame colour options
  • Frame contains 50% recycled uPVC
  • 4 different window handle colour options
  • Energy rating = Up to A++
  • 75 mm frame (front to back)
  • Double glazed pane thickness – 28mm
  • Triple glazed pan thickness – 44mm
  • Fire escape and childproof hinge options
Heritage Windows, Spartan Range, Flush Sash Windows

The no-fuss alternative to wooden windows

The Spartan Heritage range combines the latest window pane, frame and lock technology with the very best in energy efficiency. All with the beautiful finish of traditional wooden frames.

Heritage windows are fully flush on the interior and exterior, giving the unmistakable wooden windows look and feel. If you’re interested in a slightly more modern look, and a great alternative to aluminium frames, check out our Spartan Modern range.

Heritage frames are strong and stylish. A core of recycled uPVC is wrapped in brand new high-quality uPVC to create great looking windows that are great for the environment too.


Choose from the following 11 colours to suit your style, including a range of realistic woodgrain finishes:

Window Colour Options
White Spartan Window and Doors


Rosewood with White interior

Rosewood with White Interior

Golden Oak exterior with White interior

Golden Oak with White Interior

Irish Oak exterior with White interior

Irish Oak with White Interior

Cream exterior with White interior

Cream with White interior

Agate Grey with White interior

Agate Grey with White interior

White Ash Spartan Window and Doors

White Ash

Black Ash - Spartan Windows and Doors

Black Ash with White Interior

Moondust Grey with White interior

Moondust Grey with White Interior

Anteak - Spartan Windows and Doors

Anteak Grey with White Interior

Slate Grey - Spartan Windows and Doors

Slate Grey with White Interior

Choose the window style to suit you
Heritage Windows, Spartan Range, Flush Sash Windows

Our window handles have been specially selected to complement the traditional look and feel with 4 different colour choices:

  • White
  • Chrome
  • Gold
  • Black

Our window styles include:

Standard casement windows:
with one fixed frame and one hinged frame for flexible ventilation options.

French casement windows:
with fully opening frames, great for rooms with a view.

Making your home safer

Heritage Windows, Spartan Range, Flush Sash Windows

Your windows don’t just need to look great they need to act as an important barrier to protect your home. Our windows are installed from the inside of the house to deter would-be intruders and prevent pane removal. But the most important barrier to break-in is the lock.

Our locks comply with the latest insurance recommendations and contain steel multipoint mechanisms and heavy-duty shoot bolts to fix the lock into the frame. Spartan window locks are one of the most advanced and secure locks available.

We offer three different hinge options with the Heritage range, all fitted with steel hinge protectors:

  • Standard hinges: top and side opening options with smooth and robust mechanisms.
  • Fire approved hinges: with full 90-degree opening to use for easy entry or exit in the case of a fire.
  • Childproof hinges: with 10mm standard opening for a safe air flow and a childproof button for the full opening option.

The Eco-friendly option

Draughty, cold and condensation prone windows are a thing of the past with the latest in glazing technology. You’ll already know that installing double glazed windows will reduce your heating bills, forming a barrier against the cold and keeping your homes cosy in winter and cool in summer.

The unique 6-chambered design of our frames means that air is trapped within the frame to provide a heat resistant barrier. Since our frames contain 50% recycled uPVC we’re helping to reduce the amount plastic used with every single frame.

Our panes are filled with dehydrated air or inert gases which prevent heat loss in the winter and help to keep your home cool in the summer. Trickle vents are fitted as standard to ensure healthy levels of ventilation, especially in the winter months.

Triple glazing windows in the Spartan Heritage and Modern ranges are some of the most energy efficient frames on the market, achieving energy ratings of up to A++.

Built to last

Our entire range is built to last. Each window and all of its parts comply with British Standards BS7412 and are Secured by Design accredited.

*USwitch 2017
Energy Efficient Windows by Spartan

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