Spartan uPVC Doors

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UPVC Spartan Doors, UK

Looking for a stylish front door to make the perfect entrance?

Spartan uPVC doors are the ideal match for our Spartan Windows and Spartan Conservatory range.

With a variety of wood and painted wood effect finishes, as well as a whole range of door accessories, you can forget the old fashioned white uPVC doors. Offering security and energy efficiency at reasonable prices, uPVC has all the character of wooden doors, with the added benefit of being easier on the pocket and ultra-low maintenance too.

For an even wider design choice, check out our composite door range.


The Spartan uPVC range offers so much more than traditional white. Choose a colour to match your window frames and exterior design:

Wood Effect Finish
Rosewood Spartan Window and Doors


Rosewood with White interior

Rosewood with White interior

Irish Oak exterior with White interior

Oak with White interior

Irish Oak Spartan Window and Doors

Irish Oak

Irish Oak exterior with White interior

Irish Oak with White interior

Black Ash - Spartan Windows and Doors

Black Ash with White interior

White Ash Spartan Window and Doors

White Ash

Anteak - Spartan Windows and Doors

Anteak with White interior

Painted Wood Effect
Anthracite Grey, White Interior - Spartan Windows and Doors

Anthracite Grey with White interior

Slate Grey - Spartan Windows and Doors

Slate Grey with White interior

Agate Grey with White interior

Agate Grey with White interior

Moondust Grey with White interior

Moondust Grey with White interior

Chartwell Green exterior with White interior

Chartwell Green with White interior

Cream Spartan Window and Doors

Through Cream

Cream exterior with White interior

Cream with White interior

Choose from a range of glazing options
  • Fully Glazed
  • Half Glazed
  • Full Paneling
  • Frosting and Patterned Glass
Add Decorative Features
  • Beading
  • Georgian Bars
Door Accessories

Choose from a wide range of accessories to complement your door, including letterboxes and door knockers.

As well as looking great, uPVC doors require very little maintenance – just a wipe with a damp cloth will keep them looking as good as new. They won’t warp or split like wooden doors and they require no painting or varnishing as their colour won’t fade.


Spartan uPVC doors are built with a variety of security measures and every handle and lock are tested and accredited to Secured by Design standards.

Multipoint Locks

We fit some of the most robust and secure locks available. Our 12-point locking systems include:

  • 2 shoot bolts to fix the door into the frame
  • 3 hooks latching up and down to prevent the door being lifted out of the frame
  • 4 rollers to press the door into the seal and fit over the hooks
  • 2 deadbolts
  • Secure attachment to the handle

Our robust hinges and cast-iron hinge protectors also act as an additional level of defence.

Strong Handles

Our handles include a variety of visible and hidden mechanisms to act as a deterrent as well as a barrier to entry. Steel reinforced handles and lock cylinder guards protect against handle snapping and cylinder de-plugging, drilling and snapping.

Choose from six door finishes to complete your door including, White, Black, Gold, Chrome, Smokey Chrome & Satin Silver.

White Door Handle - Spartan Range


Black Door Handle - Spartan Range


Gold Door Handle - Spartan Range


Chrome Door Handle - Spartan Range


Draught Free Design

With a uPVC door, you’ll be keeping your heating bills down too. Sturdy uPVC walls and frames, combined with airtight seals, mean that you’ll be keeping the heat in and the draughts out. Great for those chilly nights, and great for your bank balance too.